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All the nutrients your dog needs

We only feed our dogs on great quality food – we think it’s so good we sell it!

Feeding your dog a good quality food is so important; it helps with health but also how the dog behaves. The nutritional needs of your dog depend on many things, from age, lifestyle, breed, life-stage and health. Our food has been developed with some of the best pet nutritionalists in the UK and for your peace of mind it is also Veterinary approved. Unlike some dog food suppliers, we don’t use computers to tell us what is best for your dog! We know every pet is different and we will work with you to get the right food that suits your dog.

The result? Happy dog and happy owner!

Can we deliver? YES we can!

We work with a leading British pet food manufacturer who have over 25 years experience with producing natural, hypo-allergenic foods and treats for dogs.

We make full use of their expertise and knowledge and bring it to you. We can offer an unrivalled choice of flavours and varieties with over 10 fresh meat options including, salmon, lamb, trout and organic chicken.

So if you can’t decide between Sensitive, Grain Free, Low-Carb, Organic, Hypo-allergenic, or high fresh meat, we’ll guide you through your best options based on the needs of your dog.

Have any questions?

We know that choosing the right accommodation for your pets can be a difficult decision and you probably have several questions.

Please explore our FAQ section and – if you need any more information – please do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment to come and visit.

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