What makes you different and better than the rest?

We believe many things make us unique at our pet hotel; our passion for pets, our cleanliness, our services and our facilities. The love and care we give both dogs and cats are always our number 1 priority. We have large gardens to walk your dogs, but we also have an off-lead secure exercise paddock which is fenced and safe for lots of fun play times. We want you to be able to leave your pet in total confidence that they will be safe, secure, happy and loved while you are away to give you peace of mind allowing you to truly enjoy your holiday – we will even post pictures on our Facebook page if requested so you can keep an eye on what they are up to on their holidays!

Are you a licensed by the local authority?

Absolutely; we have been awarded a 5-star rating – the highest level available – and are fully licensed under Allerdale County Council. Under the new regulations that came into force on the 1st October 2018, all boarding establishments are required to publish their star rating. We undergo regular checks to ensure we continue to meet the highest standards of accommodation and care by the local authority.

Can I come and view the facilities?

Of course! In order to provide our guests with as little disruption as possible, and to ensure we have enough time to do this without disrupting our daily routines, we now ask that you call or email to arrange a suitable time between the hours of 11am and 2pm. We have recently changed our policy on this as we found too many people wanting to view were turning up at our busy time for check-ins. Doing it this way we can give you a slot to view where we can give you the time to discuss and show you all we have to offer and answer any questions you may have. We do ask that if you bring your dog with you that you bring their vaccination card proving they are fully vaccinated (including kennel cough) with a 14 day gap between having them and your visit.

Do our pets need to be vaccinated?

Yes, all pets staying at the hotel need to show evidence that their vaccinations are up to date. This is for the safety of your pet and all the other pets staying with us. Please read our terms and conditions to see what vaccines are required for their stay with us. We do require these to be sent via email prior to check-in to ensure they meet our requirements so that no pets are refused entry.

My dog/cat is on a special diet. Is this a problem?

Not at all. We can offer our own brand of dry complete for both cats & dogs (including grain free), with a meat add-in for dogs if required, and offer Whiskas/Felix/Gourmet Perle wet diets for cats. Please note all veterinary/wheat free/gluten free/special diets/home cooked meals/cooked meats must be provided by the owners. If your dog is on a raw food diet you must inform us when you book and we will discuss our requirements with you.

Can I bring my pets bedding and toys?

We provide all the bedding your pet will need for their stay but you are welcome to bring your pets favourite blanket – a small blanket or throw which is easily washed is adequate for their stay, particularly if it has some scent of home that will help them settle down. Please note we cannot accept any responsibility for the damage of any personal possessions.

When do I need to book?

We will always try our best to accommodate your pet, but we do get very busy with our excellent reputation – especially in holiday periods – so please book as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment. We ask for a non-refundable deposit for all new customers; please see our terms for more details of our cancellation policy.

What do I need to pack for my pets' stay?

You will need to bring your vaccination card (this is a licensing requirement). Then, a small blanket and any toys/treats you wish them to have whilst on holiday, please bring enough food for their stay if you are providing your own, this is to be bagged up into individual portions, so they get the required amount daily and any medication your pet requires.

Can our pets stay together?

Our pet rooms are of generous sizes and can accommodate multiple pets from the same family staying together. We have one very large pet guest room that can accommodate 4 large dogs and the cattery also has a family size room.  There is also a discount for pets sharing. However, we never mix pets from different families that don’t usually live together.

Can you pick our pets up from home?

Yes, we do offer this service. Please discuss this with us when booking so we can give you the costs.

Is there someone to look after my pet(s) in the evenings when you are closed?

We live on-site and there is always someone to care for your pets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All pets are tucked up at night between 9-10pm. Our feline guests get a final cuddle and bed time treat and each of our dog guests are taken out for a comfort break before being tucked up in bed with their bedtime treat.

What are check-in and check-out times?

Check-in/Check-out: 9-10am or 4-5pm

Food Sales: 9am to 5pm (closed Wednesdays)

What is the procedure at check in/out times?

We find that customers feel happier if they come to our reception at check in/out time. At check-in, one of us will discuss with you your pets needs and check dates and vaccinations, whilst another will take your pet to their room. At check-out we will give you honest feedback on your pets stay with us, we will organise your payment and hand back any personal belongings and of course bring your pet out to greet you.

Can my pet play with others?

No, this is for the safety of your pet whilst in our care. From experience, we have found they benefit from having 1-2-1 attention from us. Of course, if your pet is part of a family group they will be exercised together.

How much exercise is included in the daily rate?

All dogs receive 4 walk/play sessions throughout the day. We also give regular enrichment activities, where we will offer them some chill time/training time/cuddles/puzzle toys/treat toys/health check.

Is there anything I shouldn't bring?

Food or water bowls, wicker or plastic baskets, polystyrene bean bags, bedding with large amounts of stuffing or filling, rawhide chews, cooked or raw bones (as these can be a choking hazard).

My pet has never boarded before; will he/she be ok?

It is quite a different environment to a family home so there is usually a settling in period. This will vary from pet to pet. It is often a good idea to bring a first timer to stay for a day or two well before your planed holiday to help introduce them gradually. We work with your pet to minimise stress and to keep them engaged with their new surroundings. Don’t worry, your pet will get lots of extra care and attention during the first few days.  We will also give you an honest assessment of how your pet has found their stay with us when you come and collect them.

Can you look after diabetic pets?

Yes. We have lots of experience of managing diabetic regimes and this is free of charge.

Can I see where my dog will be staying on arrival?

It is less disruptive to your dog (and all the others) to say goodbyes in reception rather than with an audience of other dogs voicing their opinion. This isn’t us being secretive, it makes for a calmer kennel (and happier dogs) if they don’t have to deal with too many strange faces.  We would rather encourage you to come and have a look around in advance of your pets stay, so you have already seen the accommodation.

Do you charge more over Christmas?

We operate our regular opening hours every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. On those 3 days we are closed to people and apply a supplement for our furry guests staying over Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Please ask about our current Christmas/New Year holiday supplement when booking.

Allerdale Borough Council Rating

Licence Holder: Anne Morton-Woods
Licence Number: LN201900001